Quality Improvement Project: Leadership Approach

3000 words + Harvard style referencing (reference must be provided for everything written, including definitions, minimum 30 references)

Ensure you are writing in the third person.

Students are required to submit a 3000-word appraisal. The essay should include a discussion of the leadership approach required to implement a successful quality improvement project, which the student is required to identify.


+Set the scene –introduce your work –say what you will be discussing

+What are you going to be discussing and why?

+What is Quality Improvement?

+Why is this important?

+What is leadership and why is this important?

+Use your formative work – give a specific title to the topic

+outline of your chosen Quality Improvement Project/ change in practice.

+Include whether you chose this based on service user feedback or observation.

+Detail how this will improve service user experience in your clinical area.

+Evidence what Quality Improvement and quality improvement methodologies are and the importance of this in health care.

+Evidence you have thought about managing change (including any barriers and enablers and change models).

+Evidence regarding the leadership approach you have chosen with regards to your project –from here you lead into the main body

Must use Lewin, Kotter, NHS Change Model OR one of your own related to the topic supported in literature and practice. think about how the steps link to your change idea

Include quality improvement models and tools:  PDSA cycle (plan -do-study-act) , six sigma, lean

                                                        Main Body

+Critically analyse the leadership approach you have used

+How have you/would you lead on this quality improvement project???

Consider your role as a leader in this project (even if you do not think you are specifically a leader in your role).

+Demonstrate your leadership approach to this project and it’s implementation.

+Show specific discussions about leadership, including barriers and enablers to change and how you would work with these.

+Critically discuss how this project and your leadership approach will improve patient care and/or services and how these will be evaluated.

+You must demonstrate the importance of service-user involvement and co-production in health care


+No new information

+A summary of the arguments/discussions (nothing new should be introduced during your conclusion).

+How will the understanding you have gained influence your practice.

+Relate this back to the NMC code of conduct.

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