Public Safety Budget

People’s lives are dependent on public safety personnel’s capacity to respond to emergencies swiftly, effectively, and accurately. If there aren’t enough officers to cover assigned areas and respond to crimes, we must seek change.

The City of Indianapolis calls for more law enforcement support to help combat the rise in crimes over the past years. Public safety must be increased in the most effective and cost-saving way possible. Therefore, budget changes are necessary for the upcoming years to save the city money while increasing public safety. We have developed effective cost-saving measures to implement positive changes within the budget.

 We have proposed a $432 million dollar budget for the City of Indianapolis.

 We want to hire 100 police officers over the next two years and 45 civilian employees over the next year. The hiring of civilian employees to take over the administrative duties, allows over 40 police officers to be released back into their duties as law enforcement officers. By doing this, we don’t have to send these officers to the police academy because they already are certified and have the training that is required. Ultimately, this will save the city over two and a half million dollars by making these changes. These officers will be able to join their fellow law enforcement officers back out on patrol and help assist and protect the people of Indianapolis.

We are also reducing overtime and this saves the city over one million dollars and allows some of the extra money to be allotted to hire new officers.

We want to implement a three percent pay increase for some of the officers and firefighters over the next year as well.

These changes are necessary because it allows for more of a police presence while saving the most money for the city and creating stability within the budget estimated up to 2016.

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