Public Policy in Global Macroeconomic Conditions

Full details of coursework
This individual essay comprises 50% of this module’s assessment. The essay should be 2000 words maximum, which includes headings, sub-headings, footnotes, appendix but excludes references, graphs, graph captions and titles. The reading list for the module uploaded to Moodle should provide the framework for reading to attempt this assignment.

The essay carries 100 marks with each element of the assignment assessed and weighted as shown in the marking rubric on the last page. The total marks achieved, out of 100, will be then converted to 50%.

Coursework Submission Requirements
A maximum word count is set according to the module-specific requirements and must be adhered to. The word limit (maximum) is 2,000 words. The penalty for exceeding this limit is a five-mark deduction.
• The actual word count of the assignment must be stated by the student on the first page (cover sheet) of the assignment.
• The overall word count does not include the references or bibliography at the end of the coursework.
• The word count does not include figures and tables.
• Appendices are not included in the overall word count.

Students should prepare and submit their coursework assessments via Moodle in the following format:
Font: Verdana 11 point Spacing: 1.5 spaced Margins: Normal (2.5 cm)
Printing (for non-electronic copies): double-sided Referencing: Harvard citation style

Coursework question
Public policy is a complex and evolving field of concern that is increasingly shaped by global macroeconomic conditions. Select a country of your choice for analysis here. Apply appropriate public choice theories to critically analyze how prevailing macroeconomic challenges have been shaping the public policy landscape in your selected country since 2022. Conclude by deliberating on the statement, “fiscal illusion and Keynesian delusions” of the said policy in your selected country.

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