Public Personnel Administration in Public Organizations

The final essay/core assessment for this course is a paper that gives the student an opportunity to synthesize the course material, by preparing an analysis on the final essay; this essay should demonstrate an understanding of the role of Public Personnel Administration in Public Organizations.

The role of public personnel administration encompasses a wide variety of activities, actions, and decision-making policies. Select one topic for discussion and analysis.


Discuss the benefits and challenges of managing a diverse workforce; provide an example of an organization that is demonstrating success in managing the many aspects of diversity. In your paper, identify and analyze the public sector human resources management implications of this topic.


Recently there has been much debate and political action over the nature of collective bargaining for the public sector and how that concept is being redefined. In your paper examine:

What affects have unions and collective bargaining had on public organizations?
What are the pros and cons that frame this issue?
How do you think the collective bargaining process will affect the future of public sector unions?

Identify and analyze/discuss the pertinent and important areas of consideration, as well as the possible obstacles and solutions. Identify the areas that organizations, specifically HRM, have to address, including (but not limited to) staffing, work place environment, etc.

Remember, this is the final essay for the semester; your essay should reflect the material from the textbook and Getting Past No, articles and TED Talks (if appropriate). This essay is worth 120 points toward your final grade and must:

Be between 6-8 pages in length, not counting title and reference pages.
Utilize and cite material from the course’s information and reading. You are only allowed to use class sources, i.e. textbooks, videos, journal articles, other articles or documents posted within the course.
Be double spaced, 12- point font, 1- inch margins, following APA citation guidelines.
Submitted in Microsoft Word .doc.

Below is the book that the PowerPoints are from, so you can attach as the reference.
Berman, E. M., Bowman, J. S., West, J. P., & Wart, M. V. R. (2021). Human Resource Management in Public Service: Paradoxes, Processes, and Problems (Seventh). CQ Press.

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