Project Initiation Document Assignment

Assessment Information

This assignment is an individual assignment which is divided in two parts to assess the learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3. Find below the instructions and structure to follow, equally, find more information in the rubric.


This part requires you to prepare a Project Initiation Document (PID) based on the following case study:

The XXII Commonwealth Games is an international multi-sport event that include 54 countries members of the Commonwealth. The next Commonwealth Games will be held in the city of Birmingham (UK) during the July and August 2022. This Games requires to be characterized by a sustainable development of the community and region focus on promote good health, wellbeing, economic growth, climate change, etc. to contribute to reduce cost and carbon footprint. A Solar Energy Station (SES), known as solar park, solar farm or solar power plant, will be installed near to the Opening & Closing Ceremonies areas to generate electricity and offer this to participants, spectators, sponsors, community, hotels, charities, etc. At this point, this project has ready a Feasibility Assessment, a Business Case, and a Social and Environmental Assessment with an approved budget of £7 million. The objective or final target is to install the SES in 7 months, starting on 01/12/2021 complete it on 30/06/2022. The project should include the publicity and promotion of those electricity points connected (fed) with this SES.

You have been appointed as a Project Manager by  EnPower-Solutions, a local developer charged to design and develop the SES. You have been assigned to assist the team which will manage this project, being your responsibilities to prepare a Project Initiation Document (PID) using appropriate project management theory and frameworks.

The PID should consider the following aspects and recommended structure:

1.1.- Introduction

1.2.- Project scope statement (including inclusions, exclusions, assumptions, objectives, deliverables, constraint, and a work breakdown structure (WBS))

1.3.- Project schedule including a Gantt chart and its milestones

1.4.- Project stakeholder assessment (minimum 8) by identifying, analyzing, planning and providing recommendations on how these stakeholders should be managed to maximize the chance of achieving the project objectives.

1.5.- Project Risk assessment. An initial assessment of negative risks and opportunities (minimum 8) presented by the project and the response strategies proposed.


In this part you are expected to apply the Project Success Management Theory (PSMT), also known as Iron Triangle Theory, to ONE of the below biggest and expensive UK projects:

P1.- High Speed one (HS1)

P2.- The Millennium Dome (The O2 Arena) 

The objective of this part is to critically discuss how the main components of the PSMT such as (a) Cost, (b) Quality and (c) Time have contributed to the success or failure of the project chosen. In summary, drawing on the findings from credible academic sources critically discuss whether measuring project success in terms of time, cost and quality are outdated. To be acceptable in this assignment, you will need to use a minimum of 10 separate sources, including a minimum of 5 textbooks and scientific journal articles. The reference list of the sources used is mandatory.

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