Program Planning – Intervention Development and Evaluation

Students will apply literature review, models, and interview findings to detail their intervention development, specifying intervention content, health outcomes, assessment plan, program evaluation, marketing.

  • Program Objectives. Briefly and directly define the mission statement and goal(s) for the program. Describe the program participants. Define specific, measurable, achievable program objectives. Be concise. [8 points]
  • Align need and program design. Describe how the needs assessment (primary and secondary data) support the program design and approach. Use tables, figures, or diagrams as appropriate.   [8 points]
  • Intervention description. In detail, describe the intervention strategies, services, and/or program elements. Include the setting or program delivery site, staff or providers, method of delivery, length of intervention or number of interventions, type of training, fidelity and adaptation. Use tables, figures, or diagrams as appropriate.  [10 points]
  • Outcomes.
  • Describe primary and secondary outcome variables, including measurement methods and timepoints. Describe data collection and analysis plan to evaluate behavior change. [8 points]

References and format. The body of this paper will be no more than 4 double-spaced pages (1 inch margins, Ariel or Times New Roman, 12 point font), not including references or figures. Use APA or AMA guidelines for manuscript formatting. Appropriate citation is expected.  [3 points]

Style. Follow APA or AMA guidelines. Use clear language and complete and well-developed sentence structure. Well organized presentation of all material is essential. The paper will be free of grammatical or spelling errors.              

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