Professional Interview in Nursing

Assignment Description
• Choose a healthcare quality (QA/QI) professional. It can be a quality/safety/informatics/compliance professional or a nurse in QI decision-making position.
• Note: Do NOT interview any nurse who is not directly involved with the specialties mentioned above. If you do, you will get fewer points, or you will be asked to re-do the assignment.
• Try to find someone you know or someone from within your organization to interview.
• In an appendix, you must include the interviewee’s name, organization, position and business contact info. Personal email or cell phone # are not acceptable. Use the Interviewee contact form.
• Arrange to spend approximately 1 hour interviewing and 3 hours interacting with and/or shadowing that individual.
o The time spent can be of various methods such as phone conversation, face-to-face meeting, Zoom meetings etc.
o Count the time to prep for the interview and preparing the questions and analyzing the data toward the 4 hours spent on this experiential learning assignment.
• Using APA style, write a 3 to 4 page paper excluding title page and references.
• Include 2-3 cited sources, or as appropriate depending on content.
• To get full credit, please address each of the content areas listed in the rubric below.
Assignment Rubric
Experiential Learning Assignment Rubric
Criterion/Content Points Possible Points Earned
Select a professional to shadow/interview:
• Provide the contact information about the professional you interviewed.
• Also provide a description of the workplace where your interviewee is employed.
• Include how/why you chose to interview this particular person.
• Describe how you spend 4 hours interviewing and shadowing this person to learn about the position and the person(s) who are filling this role at the organization. 1
Describe the educational background of the interviewee:
• Academic Qualification, degree, certification
• Provide details on previous employment and the number of years in the current setting.
• Does the interviewee have CPHQ certification?
• Describe the academic program the professional attended. If this program an accredited by an accreditation body?
• If not, how did the interviewee obtain his/her expertise in quality assessment and quality improvement? 1
Describe the interview/shadowing experience:
• How did you prepare to talk with the interviewee?
• What kind of research did you do about this specific position?
• List example questions you pre-prepared
• What did you do during the shadowing?
• Where was the interview held? 2
Describe the work done by the interviewee:
• What is a typical day for this person at work?
• What impact, by this person, did you observe?
• What kind of workload does s/he have? 1
• List and briefly describe THREE different things that you learned in the interview and shadowing experience with the professional. 2
• Describe how you might implement or advocate for the TREE things that you learned in your current nursing position. 1
Writing Style and Structure:
• Well-organized and easy to follow train of thoughts
• Follows APA Format.
• Free of spelling, typographical, grammatical, and APA errors. Hint: have someone proof-read your paper before submitting it.
• Recent sources cited properly (<10 yrs old)
• Include title page and references
• Use headings and subheadings, page #, headers/footers as appropriate
• Sources are cited and referenced properly
• 4 page maximum excluding title and references. Points may be deducted for falling short on or exceeding page limit 2

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