Professional DNP Leadership Capacity


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your leadership capacity to manage a practice change project. You will create a collective manuscript that incorporates the revised Week 2 and Week 5 assignments with an additional section that you will create this week.

This assignment will allow for the assimilation of professional leadership competencies in project management as a DNP-prepared nurse. Assignment content supports professional formation, communication, and dissemination skills relevant to the DNP-prepared nurse.

Please note that this is the third part of a 3-part assignment submitted in Weeks 2, 5, and 7. You have received feedback from your course faculty on the Week 2 and Week 5 assignments, which you should use to revise and prepare the Week 7 assignment.

NOTE: All assignments and their requirements should be discussed in relation to your proposed or hypothetical DNP practicum project.

Include the following in your paper:

  1. Introduction: The organizing introduction is the first paragraph that does the following:
    1. Introduce the paper’s topic and establishes its importance.
    1. Present a clear purpose statement.
    1. Create a brief overview (outline statement) for the combined paper using the three primary Level 1 headings.
  2. Integrate the Week 2 corrected content under the first Level 1 heading, “Organizational Needs Assessment.”
    1. Don’t forget to include the discussions of Table 1 (Organizational Needs Assessment: Practice Gap Identification) and Table 2 (Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool).
    1. Include the required level 2 headings (as they are on the template):Practice Gap
      1. Problem
      1. Practice Gap
      1. Practice Question
  3. Integrate the Week 5 corrected assignment content under the second Level 1 heading, “Leading the Practice Change Project,” using the following level 2 headings (Note: level 3 headings for sub-topics are recommended):
    1. Interprofessional Collaboration in Leading Project Teams
    1. Communicating Comportment in Project Management
    1. Leadership Ethics


Create the content to place under the third Level 1 heading, “Leading Practice Change Teams with Innovation and Effective Management,” using the following level 2 headings: Create your section introduction here on leading practice-change teams with innovation and effective management.

  1. Leading Through Innovation

Describe how a leader creates an environment that fosters innovation and creativity.

Propose how applying the framework of adaptive leadership will affect your leadership identity.

Formulate a plan to improve your leadership communication capacity across interprofessional teams.

  • Integrating Leadership and Management Models:

Explain the leadership competencies and behaviors you will use with an interprofessional change team to implement the practice-change project.

Create your approach to using both management and leadership skills to sustain the practice change and describe they key components.

C, Managing Materials and Human Resources

Create your approach to strategic planning for materials and human resources for your project.

  • Conclusion
    • Recap the paper’s purpose statement and brief overview (outline statement) for the combined paper using the three level 1 headings (don’t include “conclusion”).
    • Draw major conclusions from the body of your paper.
    • Summarize the paper’s relevance to the practice change project.

(I am attaching two previous papers with instruction to review.)

  • References (minimum of 4 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources) 
    • Create a reference page.
    • Include the references from the first two papers that you have used in this paper if they are still used.
    • Ensure each reference has a matching citation.
    • Support your paper by using evidence from at least four (4) scholarly peer-reviewed journal article sources (preferably research or systematic reviews) that are retrieved from the Chamberlain library databases. Do not use the internet, textbooks, government sources, or organizational websites for these four sources in this assignment. However, you may use other gray materials for additional sources if you need them.
  •  Attach the revised Table 1 (Organizational Needs Assessment: Practice Gap Identification) and Table 2 (Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool) from the Week 2 assignment as displayed on the Week 7 Assignment Template

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