Problem Solving with Graph Theory

This assessment has two parts. Be sure to complete both items.
Part I: Revising Recycling Routes
Belton municipal services wants to revise their routes for the pickup of recyclable materials at all schools in the Belton Independent School District (BISD). They have hired you to help them. Obtain a street map of the BISD and locate all schools in the district as well as the recycling center. Draw and use a graph to help you determine the most efficient and cost effective route for picking up recyclable materials at all schools in the BISD. Provide a clear and concise explanation of the route you identified, why it is the best route, and how you used the graph to identify this route.

Part II: Picking Up the Pieces
Suppose you were just hired by A-Z Construction Company as a supervisor. Your first assignment is to finish building a 4-story apartment complex. You have been given the following task table, but the actual tasks were not listed because the original table had been lost in a fire. Write a report for your immediate supervisor with the following information:
• Complete the table by identifying what the original supervisor meant by each letter.
• Draw a graph for the table.
• Stipulate how long the job will take and why.
• After studying the graph, you realize that G also has E as a prerequisite. Discuss how this will change your time frame.

Time (weeks) Prerequisites
Start 0 n/a
A 2 None
B 4 A
C 4 A, B
D 3 B
E 5 C
F 2 B, C
G 3 D
H 5 D, E, F
I 5 G, H

Word Doc (doc, docx), PDF
APA Style
Length: 6 pages

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