Privacy Program Plan

The goal of management is to effectively allocate resources to keep an organization running. A key method by which this is done is through policies, procedures, and standards, which are used by organizations to dictate how the organization will operate. The combined total of policies, procedures, and standards that control how data privacy is handled is called a Privacy Program Plan (PPP). This assignment is meant to familiarize you with a broad understanding of PPPs and provide an opportunity to develop one yourself.
There are two deliverables for this assignment. They are as follows:
• A 3-page paper defining PPPs, why they are required, and the impact, both legal and ethical, of forgoing a PPP.
• A template for generating a PPP. This can be tailored to a specific organization or made generic, with placeholders that a specific organization would replace if provided with the template. A key aspect of this assignment is that you will determine the set of sections that are required for a PPP. Make sure that you research which components are needed and ensure that they are adequately represented in your template. There is no page limit or minimum for this component.
Remember, this assignment (like other papers for this course) requires that you do significant research and analyze the facts. Whenever you make a claim or state an opinion, back that statement up with analysis and well-founded sources. Cite your sources.
Grading Rubric
Points Possible Points Earned Notes
Organization, Format and Grammar 5 Use section headers, page numbers, single spaced, proper grammar, topic sentences for each paragraph, build out each paragraph with details that support each topic sentence, etc.
PPP Paper –
Introduction 3 An introduction has two purposes: 1) get the reader’s attention and 2) introduce what you will cover in the paper. 1.5 points each.
What is a PPP? 2
Why have a PPP? 3
Legal and Ethical Ramifications 4
Conclusion 3 Minimum of 3 findings supported by your research.
PPP Template – Required Sections 10
Adequate Representation 10
References 10 2 points for each reference up to 20 points.

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