Privacy Apple vs FBI

Write a three-page paper on privacy in our digital world. This issue has been emblematized by the recent order by the U.S court system for Apple to unlock an iPhone, which the company declared it would not do.

I have included below an excerpt of one of the articles that summarized the issue nicely.

Do you think Apple should be required to unlock a phone for the government?

Do you think the government has the right to demand this of a private company?

How do you feel about your own privacy in an age in which your information is more accessible than ever?

Develop an educated opinion (thesis) through a bit of research. State that opinion clearly and argue for it throughout your paper supporting your claims with evidence from your research.

In other words:

1. Read some articles, i.e. do a bit of research. (feel free to use the ones I have provided or find others that you may like. Do not use Wikipedia.) If you use ideas or words from a source, please cite that source in parentheses, i.e. for example, (New York Times, “In the Apple Case, a Debate Over Data Hits Home,” March 13, 2016).

2. Develop a thesis, i.e. your informed opinion. For example, think about what is your opinion on whether or not the government should be able to ask a private company to access private data for any reason? The real issue here is that the government wanted Apple to provide it a master key to unlock any iPhone. What are the ramifications of this? How much privacy should you have as an individual have or expect in this digital age? Is digital privacy different than any other kind?Why do you have your opinion?

3. Write a 3 page paper with your thesis in BOLD in the first paragraph.

4. Paper should be NO LESS that 3 pages with a title, 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced

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