Principles of Marketing: Practices, Frameworks and Concepts

Submission details

For this assignment, you are required to submit the following in two separate files (your written answers and report in one file, and your presentation in a separate file):

  • written answers to four questions from a choice of six as a Word (or similar) or PDF file (Task 1)
  • a narrated presentation as a PowerPoint (or similar) file (Task 2)
  • a written report as a Word (or similar) or PDF file (Task 3).

Please refer to the ‘Assessment preparation’ area of the module for further guidance.

Learning Outcomes

LO1Critically evaluate the factors that can affect marketing practices within a company or a not-for-profit organisation.
LO2Critically analyse methodologies and marketing frameworks for creating and delivering a proposition, to increase customer value.
LO3Critically appraise how market segmentation, differentiation and positioning all contribute to a marketing strategy.
LO4Critically appraise the concept of sustainable marketing in the built environment through social and environmentally responsible marketing actions that meet the needs of business, society and customers, now and in the future

Task 1 (answer four out of six)

Answer any four of the following six short questions.

Guidance for answer: Please use Dornan Engineering Ltd. as the example when the answer requires discussing a business of your choice.

  1. Firstly examine the importance of marketing information in your own organisation, or one of your choice. Secondly, to what extent does your own organisation, or one of your choice, utilise a range of marketing intelligence to respond to their changing customer needs and wants?

(approximately 200 words)

  • A marketing plan is a formal management process (Designing Buildings Wiki 2020) which sets objectives for marketing activity as well as establishing the steps required to meet the objectives and scheduling them.

With reference to the Airbnb case study (see Activity 8.1, Week 8) assess the extent to which Airbnb followed a sequence of steps in developing their marketing strategy.

(approximately 200 words)

  • Marketing research is criticised for a number of reasons, the main ones being:
  • high costs of carrying out the research;
    • results not free from bias;
    • lack of training for market researchers;
    • time constraints to obtain a broad perspective of customer needs.

Choosing one organisation to base your answer on, explain the benefits of investing resources into market research.

(approximately 200 words)

  • In Activity 10.2, Week 10, Gaille (2016) sets out the ‘16 pros and cons of digital marketing’. Review the value and purpose of using digital marketing in any one of the following four organisations:
  • Estate agency;
    • Property investment company;
    • UCEM;
    • Your own organisation. Please choose Dornan Engineering here.

(approximately 200 words)

  • Critically analyse why some organisations choose niche marketing after spending time completing a full segmentation analysis of the whole market. Choose one organisation, and the services or product that provide to support your critical analysis.

(approximately 200 words)

  • Mark Morin (Ted Talks 2018) emphasises the need to invest time to build sustainable relationships in bringing brands and people together. Review the importance of investing resources in sustainability in either:
  • building long lasting and effective stakeholder relationships;


  • creating ethical marketing campaigns in an organisation of your choice.

(approximately 200 words) (Total word count for Task 1: approximately 800 words)

Additional guidance

You can include tables, screenshots or graphics, if you wish. Note that the words in tables will count towards the total word count.

Task 2 (answer all parts)

Prepare a narrated PowerPoint (or similar) presentation consisting of eight slides. This should critically assess the growing importance for organisations when developing a digital marketing presence.

Your CEO has asked you to respond to all of the following issues as part of your presentation:

  1. Identify two different digital marketing tools and provide examples for each one, explaining how they are used in an organisation of your choice.
  2. Explain how digital marketing is useful to organisations in the not-for-profit sector to promote their services and core values.
  3. Assess how digital marketing has been successfully used by one large organisation in the built environment to market their services, to attract new clients and people to come and work for them.

Additional guidance

(Word count equivalent: approximately 700 words)

  • Five marks are allocated within the 20 marks for inclusion of voice over or video clip within the PowerPoint.
  • The word count is intended as an indication of the time and effort required.
  • You are encouraged to include visuals in your slides – these are not included in the word count and should be cited and referenced using the UCEM Harvard referencing style. Avoid using only images or scans that include embedded text, as this may compromise how Turnitin reads your file. Please include a combination of images and at least 20 words of text so that Turnitin can read your file.

Task 3 (answer all parts)

The Green World case study that you studied in Week 16, Activities 16.1,16.2, 16.3, provides the context for Task 3. The Green World case study is also available on the VLE in the Assessment preparation week for Assignment 2.

Write a report to the CEO, that has three main sections. Each section should address the three

issues contained in (a), (b) and (c) below.

  1. You are the marketing director of Green World.

As a follow up to your February 2022 fact finding trip, the CEO has asked you to write a marketing report, setting out your proposal for offering the best products and services to future clients in the targeted new markets.

You can select any products and services that Green World currently offer or might offer in the future. Read carefully all the information in the case study, and be selective over the ones you choose, and what markets to target in the next 12–18 months.

(Word count: approximately 600 words)

  • Analyse, using models and concepts from the module MAN7AIM Principles of Marketing, the strengths and weaknesses of Green World’s portfolio of products and services in their six markets around the world.

Choose two or three main models or concepts in your analysis.

(Word count: approximately 650 words)

  • Evaluate the case, for and against future product development, and the benefits to be gained by Green World. The CEO has stated sustainability is their number 1 strategic goal for 2022.

Guidance for answer:

Please use the following for critical analysis:

  • Ansoff’s Matrix – Product development, risks and developments as per 12.1
    • Sustainability (Triple Bottom Line [Profit/People/Planet], ESG goals, B corps, Sustainable development goals)
    • Choose one of the existing markets within the case study, decide how they can use future product development that can benefit the company and include risks involved with this.

Assess to what extent sustainability and creating new partnerships is an important part of their 2022 marketing strategy.

Guidance for answer:

  • Start with a paragraph on what the marketing/corporate strategy currently is for Green world. Page 3 of the case study (Core strategies).
    • Sustainability environment of the business
    • Ansoff Matrix
    • Different market segments
    • Marketing mix
    • Include direction on the marketing strategy that’s aligned to the corporate strategy. How can I do this corporate strategy?
    • To what extent is sustainability and the importance of new partnerships, etc.
    • Costs of sustainability
    • Creating new partnerships
    • Culture change and the impact of that change
    • Review the value of sustainability in the corporate strategy going forward. Pros and cons
    • Does sustainability take away from the core business model? Take a judgement on the cost of sustainability within the strategy.

Ensure you have used and applied the principles of two concepts or ideas studied on the marketing module in your evaluation. Support your judgements and any recommendations with evidence from the case study, and marketing principles studied on the module.

Please use the following two concepts:

(Word count: approximately 750 words) (Total word count for Task 3: approximately 2,000 words)

Reference list and bibliography

You should include a reference list with a minimum of eight separate relevant and appropriate sources that you have written about and cited within your work.

A bibliography of uncited sources is not required.

Further information to support you with this assignment is available within the study materials for this module on the UCEM VLE. If you have any questions about this assignment, please contact your Module Team using the Assignment forum in the relevant Assessment preparation week on the VLE.

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