Presentation for Selected Organization Event Experience

Create a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation of 8-10 slides per the instructions below. Select a specific organization that has experienced positive or negative events(s) that can be shown to be related to the Leader’s actual attempts at or need for a significant change in structure or operations or regarding a change initiative. The Leader should be one about which you have some knowledge (although you need not name them). It may be an organization of any general type (i.e., profit, nonprofit, military, government, sports, religion, etc.). However, it must be an organization, company, firm, or organizational unit or team, not a whole industry, not a global institution, or government agency or department. The focus here is on the issue of whether the leadership interventions were effective and the analysis of the outcomes. The presentation state:

  1. Why did you focus on this Leader?  
  2. What prompted the Leader’s change initiative(s).
      1. Internal issues, for example, staffing, supply chain, merger). 
      1.  External issues, for example, environmental change, pandemic, or market conditions.  
  3. The “evidence” supporting the Leader’s change initiative(s) was applied (APA citations).  
  4. The concepts from our course materials chapters 1-18 apply to the leaders’ actions.  
  5. Whether the concepts from our course materials are validated by the Leader’s actions and the outcome(s) of the change initiative(s), why do you believe they are validated. (Important to include this)
  6. Content should be 8 to 10 slides plus a title slide and APA Times New Roman font formatted reference slide, which are not part of the total slide count.
  7. The electronic file uploaded to Blackboard should include last name, assignment title, and course: Smith Final Assignment MBE 570.

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