Practicum Project: Nursing Practice Issue

You will want to use the topic for your practicum project for this assignment. However, if you do not have a plan yet for that practicum project, this assignment can still be completed using a topic of your choosing. Be sure to choose a nursing theory and apply the theory to your practice issue. So for example, make sure that you’re not choosing a change theories such as Lewin’s theory or another non nursing theory. This needs to be specific to nursing. The format type again is that APA narrative and the length of the assignment should be between four to six pages, not including that cover page references. There are four scholarly sources required for this assignment from the last five years, and this assignment is worth 200 points or 20 percent of your total grade. So some common pitfalls, a few pitfalls students can find themselves in with this assignment include one that I touched base on just prior choosing a non nursing theory, Thatcher’s Lehman’s change theory or a theory from another discipline. So make sure that the theory that you choose for this assignment is nurse seen in nature. And be sure to apply this theory and the suggested solution or intervention to your practice prod problem. So you’ll have a description of the issue, a description of the theory, and then going through the components of those theory, I’m applying those components specifically to that issue or problem that you’ve identified and the suggested solution to to address that problem or issue. 

So steps to the assignment, identify a practice issue or problem that most likely most students, it’s recommended that you use the problem identified in the module three assignment. You’re building on that problem. Again, hopefully, that is the focus that you’re going to be using for your practicum project. It’s also good to discuss potential topics with your practicum, mentor for buy-in and feasibility of your project topic. And describe the issue or problem within the, one of the first sections of this paper. Select and describe a nursing theory. Applying the theory to a strategy or intervention suggested to resolve the issue or problem. And certainly in summary, use the template and follow the rubric for success. So here’s an overview of the rubrics are going to have your introduction. 

Your introduction includes just general statements on how nursing theory can be applied to solve practice issues and problems. You are also going to want to identify sections of the paper so you’ll have your introductions on the general statements of nursing theory. Then a brief discussion on what you’re going to be discussing within the rest of the body of your paper. Each section of this paper or narrative should have citations and references from scholarly literature.

The next section you’re going to then provide a recap, overview, description of the issue or problem. So what is, what is the problem? Why should nurses care about this issue or problem? How does it relate to nursing? What does the literature say, the nursing literature say about this problem or, or issue including its frequency of occurrence. Who are the stakeholders? So who are those individuals that are affected by this issue or problem? And again, that scholarly literature.

The third section is nursing theory. Nursing theory you have selected again, it needs to be nursing in nature. You are going to provide an overview of the theory, describe it in detail and again using those references and citations.

 And then the fourth section is application of the theory. So you are going to restate the theory to be used specific to your problem. You’re going to identify a strategy or an intervention that’s useful in resolving this issue or problem. And the strategy should be presented in depth with the following information being presented as a description of how the nursing theory can help to resolve the issue or problem. Specific and detailed description of the strategy or intervention to be used. A specific, detailed description of how the strategy can be implemented. So not only what, what is it that you’re going to do to solve the problem, but how are you going to implement this intervention to be so to solve the problem? A specific and detailed description of one suggestion for further research into either the nurse, the nursing theory or issue or problem. So what is another piece that you would like to know or that may be missing? That could be resolved through through further research and then your conclusion. So providing a summary of the issue or problem, the theory, and the application. So reviewing the last three sections, those critical three sections of this paper, and then certainly we have our points that are attributed to graduate level writing style. 

And we want four scholarly sources within the last five years to be included with this assignment. And the assignment length should be a minimum of four pages and a max of six, not including that title and reference page. And this is a total of 200 points or 20% of your grade. So in wrap up, follow that rubric closely. Read the rubric, do some writing and check to make sure you’re writing fellows that rubric reach out to your professor with any questions. If you’re wondering if that theory that you selected is really truly a nursing theory. Reach our before you start writing this to check to see, hey, is this a nursing theory? We’re here to help you. Thank you, good luck and we look forward to reading your submission.

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