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Please review the information for this assignment in Module 5. The initial PowerPoint presentation.  The peer review will be in text form.  You will find the rubric included on the assignment page. 

Imagine that you are working in a clinic that sees a wide variety of patients from all stages across the life span. You have found that when patients leave the clinic with a diagnosis, they often have difficulty describing their condition to family members and/or community members. Additionally, with children, parents may be unsure of how to discuss the diagnosis with their children’s teachers and caretakers. 

Your job is to create an educational presentation (final product should be in PowerPoint format) which explains any topic covered in this course in plain language. The presentation should be a minimum of 15 slides to not exceed 20 slides (excluding title and reference slides).  By completing this assignment, you are showing evidence that you can synthesize complicated information from your readings and lessons and interpret that information in such a way that it can be understood by someone without your academic background.

Some examples of what you could create a presentation on are below:

  • A presentation about cleft palates for parents.
  • A presentation explaining diabetes to a recently diagnosed teenager.
  • Information about STI for college students.

Once you have created your presentation and saved it in a PDF or PowerPoint format, please upload it to the Forum with a description of the population your presentation is geared towards. Then, provide a critique of two of your classmates’ documents. Provide helpful suggestions on how they could improve their document. You will want to provide the critique in a professional manner.  Use the ABC method:  Acknowledge the author and material; Build  upon the material with some additional  helpful information; Conclude the critique in a professional manner.  Provide references and/or resources in APA format, (7th ed.) for both portions of the assignment.

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