Pop Culture

After completing the readings (which have been attached as pdfs as well as a few article links that you must read before answering the following questions)(you will find the links below) , and watching the media for this section, take into consideration why this form of entertainment causes embarrassment and anger today. One of the things I find most fascinating about Blackface minstrelsy is that it became one of the very first forms of truly American popular culture and it had an impact on people and their perceptions, even those who did not live in slave states. Discussion Board Prompt: Explain Blackface minstrelsy in the United States & how it came about. Who were performers attempting to portray? How do the images portrayed by the Minstrels stereotype African Americans and why is this a problem?
Primary post due Thursday before midnight, student response post due Sunday before midnight. 10 points

Links: https://www.vox.com/identities/2019/2/9/18216038/blackface-history-virginia-northam-racism-culture



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