Planning and Building Control

Assignment 2: Planning & Building Control

Unit Learning Outcomes:

LO1: Examine the process used to obtain planning permission for the construction and alteration of buildings

LO2: Discuss the processes and regulations used to control design and to ensure safe buildings

Assignment Brief and Guidance:

Your client, CLD Developments Limited, is a newly formed property development company.  They have approached you, a planning and building control consultant, to advise on a potential development site.

Proposed Development 1: Low rise residential

Sundridge Park Mansion, Willoughby Lane, Bromley, BR1 3FZ

Sundridge Park Mansion, Bromley, is a Grade 1 listed mansion house, built in 1796 by John Nash, set within Sundridge Golf Club. The client would like to convert this former hotel into 22 deluxe apartments, retaining all the original features. merit

You need to produce a professional client evaluation report on the planning and building control processes involved in this proposed development.  This report will enable the client to see if the proposed project is feasible.

The report should, also, contain the following:

  • Main legislation and agencies involved in the planning and building control processes
  • How planning and building control decisions are made and the process available for approval, appeal and monitoring
  • How planning system and agencies manage the development of land and building and the impact this has on the future development of an area.
  • Local planning and building control policy and plans
  • Mitigation advise for planning or building control issue
  • Impact planning and building control process will have on this project

Furthermore, the client has asked you to analyse how the Sundridge Park Development 1 would differ in terms of the planning and building control processes and information, from the proposed developments 2 & 3 below. Distinction

Proposed Development 2: Mid/ Medium Rise Residential

Imperial Street, Bromley-By-Bow, London, E3 3EA

This proposed sustainable development involves the demolition of an existing building and the development of 5 buildings ranging between 3-14 storeys in height for up to 407 residential units

Proposed Development 3: Commercial

Calverley Square, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The proposed building of a new 1200 seat theatre in the centre of Calverley Gardens in Tunbridge Wells.

Submission Format:

The submission of the assignment should be in the form of a written evaluation report. The written work should be aimed at other construction professionals and company directors, so should contain relevant data and technical language.  Your choice of font face and font size should contribute to the clarity of the information. The report should be well structured, using headings, sub-headings and paragraphs as appropriate.  Any images, graphics or text derived from other resources must be correctly referenced using a standard form of citation. A bibliography should be included in a standard academic format.  The recommended word limit for this assignment is 3000-5000 words, but you will not be penalised for exceeding the total word limit.

The information in the table below shows the criteria which will be applied to your work when it is assessed:

  • In order to achieve a pass grade you must meet the pass criteria
  • To achieve a merit grade you must meet all the pass criteria and the merit criteria
  • To achieve a distinction grade you must meet all the pass, merit and distinction criteria.

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