Pharmacology 1 NUR306 Final project

Based on your assigned medication (see pg. 2):

  1. Create a sample client that is realistic for the medication
    1. Age, sex, medical condition, pertinent medical history
    1. Why the client is using the medication
    1. Assessment findings needed (vitals, labs, diagnostic tests, other meds, etc.)
  2. List the classification of the med and why that would be chosen over a similar med.
    1. Describe how it works in your own words, translate the scientific description
  3. What conditions would make this med contraindicated or need caution when giving?
  4. What are the potential adverse reactions/complications for this medication?
  5. Are there any special considerations for administration? (route, dietary)
  6. What is the expected outcome of using the medication?
    1. Think: how do you know it is working? What should we see?
  7. What would be important patient education topics for this medication?
  8. Create a brief PowerPoint presentation focusing on the most important parts of items 2-7.
    1. You do not need to include client info on the slides (#1 of rubric)
    1. Use speaker notes if you need to. Keep the slides brief.
    1. Be prepared to present your slides week 15. Maximum of 5 minutes.
      1. Please time practice and time yourself!

Use APA formatting

Cite your sources, Lilley text, ATI- Pharm book, do not cite PowerPoints from lecture.

This should be in the form of a narrative/paper, this is not just answering the questions like a pass to class!

If a section does not apply to your drug, simply state that. For example, “There are no administration considerations for this drug.” But remember, this will be a rare occurrence!

Please submit your paper in the appropriate dropbox and the PowerPoint slides in their separate dropbox. Make sure your slides are uploaded in PowerPoint format!

We will be using the slides as part of the review for the final exam- their quality and accuracy are essential!

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