Personal Philosophy of Nursing

NRP 470: Role Transformation
Signature Assignment: Personal Philosophy of Nursing The assignment is designed to help you accomplish the following SLOs: 1, 4, 5, 6, & 7
A Signature Assignment is designated for each course and is placed near or at the end of an academic term. This assignment carries the most weighted value when determining a student’s final course grade. The student must earn a minimum of 78% on the Signature Assignment. This means that a student with an overall passing grade can still fail the course if the Signature Assignment is assessed at less than a weighted value of 78%.
The Personal Philosophy of Nursing is worth 100 points and is 40% of the final course grade.

Purpose of the Personal Philosophy of Nursing:
The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to develop a personal philosophy of nursing. As a practicing nurse, you have developed personal beliefs about what nursing means to you and this philosophy will help you articulate the beliefs and theories that shape the choices you make every day. In other words, you are being challenged to think critically about the field you have entered.

Assignment Prompts:
In a formal written paper that utilizes APA format (7th edition), answer the following questions in order:

  1. Introduction – include who you are and where you practice nursing (remember – the heading for the introduction is the title of your paper). If you do not currently practice, where would you like to practice?
  2. Describe the importance of Professional Standards of Nursing Practice in your role as a nurse.
  3. Definition of Nursing – utilize the current definition from the American Nurses Association (2015), then add your thoughts and provide examples.
  4. Nursing Metaparadigm and its four major domains – nurse, person, health, and environment. Define each of the domains and provide examples of each from your own practice.
  5. Identify the historical nursing figure you chose in Module 2. Discuss how this figure has influenced the nursing practice. How has this person inspired your own practice?
  6. Conclusion – What is your vision of nursing for the future? What role do you envision for yourself in the future? How will you actively support the profession as a BSN-prepared nurse?

• This is a formal written paper and should follow the APA 7th edition for formatting and writing.
• The paper will be graded on the quality of information, use of citations, use of standard English grammar, sentence structure, and organization of content which follows the order of the grading rubric.
• Utilize a title page and reference page. Include appropriate page numbers.
• Use the required components of the review as Level 1 APA headings for all sections (upper and lower case, centered). The heading for the introduction is the title of your paper.
• Include information in the body of your paper from EACH of the following:
o One of the two assigned journal articles
o Your course textbook
o One outside peer-reviewed journal article from the NKU Steely Library
• The body of the paper should be double-spaced pages.
• In-text citations and a reference list are required (both are required for each source used for your paper).

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