Person-Centred Practice in Care Provision

All staff entering the Health and Social Care profession must meet all the required care standards and demonstrate that their knowledge of the application of care values in practices. Being aware of our own values for example, helps us to remain aware so that we do not impose our values on other people, respect their values and work in an inclusive way that does not discriminate.

Create an information booklet that demonstrates your understanding of Person-Centred Practice (PCP). Your booklet should:

  1. Define the concept of Person-Centred Practice and provide examples that support your definition, (C3 31.) you must include
    1. Individual central
    1. Individual in control.
  2. Explain how the HSC practitioners’ own values, beliefs and experiences can influence delivery. You must include all of them from below (B1 2.3)
    1. Self-awareness
    1. Acknowledge belief systems, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Professional versus personal.
    • Respect and value diversity.
  •  Discuss the impact of PCP on individuals and provide a minimum of four impact of Person centred practice on individual from the list below (A1 3.3).
  • individual rights
  • independence
  • decision-making and
  • confidence
  • Health and well-being.

5 references

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