Perpetual Guardian Case Study

Task Overview

This  assessment is based on a case study of a New Zealand organisation.  

You will be provided with the case study right at the beginning of the semester.  

You will need to read over the case study carefully to familiarise yourself with the organisation and its culture. Contained in the case study are ‘stories’ from key personnel at the organisation such as the owner or CEO, director of HR, a branch manager. You will use these stories and other details contained in the case study to answer a set of questions.  

There are FIVE questions that have two parts: part a and part b giving TEN questions in total. Each of the five questions is on one of the first five topics of the course: Organisation Culture, Motivation, Communication, Human Resources and Diversity, Leadership styles. 

You can begin the assessment in Week 1 when you will be able to answer Question 1 a and b that apply to Organisation Culture, then in Week 2 you can answer Question 2 a and b on Motivation and so on. 

This assessment needs references both in-text and in the reference list for any theories and models that you use. The references will be from the textbook or from the original reference that can be found in the textbook.  

This assessment is worth a total of 100 marks: 10 for each of the 10 parts and comprises 40% of your final grade for the course.  

The suggested length is 1500 words. This is a recommended length only. You can go somewhat over this but do not go under it as you will not be able to cover everything. 

This assessment requires: 

  • description (what happened?) and also  
  • analysis (what does it mean?) and also  
  • correct referencing of theories and models (how does this connect to the theory or model?) 

To get high marks for each section of this assessment therefore, you need to do more than just describe what happens in the case study. You need to analyse it and apply theory to it.  

 Assessment  Overview

A background case study is available under the Assessments tab: “Perpetual Guardian and the four-day work week.” You are required to write a response to the case study that uses course material and covers:  

  • The organisational culture at Perpetual Guardian;  
  • Motivational theories and how they apply to the case study;  
  • Communication channels and their effectiveness in different situations at Perpetual Guardian;  
  • How implementing a four-day work week has affected employee stress and wellbeing;  
  • How Perpetual Guardian has focussed on managing a diverse range of employee situations and perspectives;  
  • Effective leadership skills and styles that are evident in the case study.  

More details of what to include in the essay can be found in the assessment guide also available on Blackboard.  

You also need to:  

Illustrate your answers with specific examples.  

  • Use logic and sound arguments in crafting your response.  
  • Use a range of academic supporting evidence (e.g. peer-reviewed and practitioner journals, books) in your essay as well as media articles.  
  • Reference all sources correctly in APA 7 th edition style

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