People, Places and Environment

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Login information to access the book will be shared with an assigned writer. Just an update that the book is Introduction to Geography: People, Places & Environment by Carl H. Dahlman; William H. Renwick.

Homework Assignment 4
Chapter 10 through Chapter 11 & Readings by Garland & Robinson
Answer the following questions in 200 to 300 words each. Try to be as distinct and clear as possible while also providing enough detail for your answers.
Q1: How are cities generally distributed across a landscape?
Q2: In what ways does U.S. tax policy subsidize people who buy houses? How does this affect the development of cities?
Q3 What could be done to stop rural–urban migration in a rich versus a poor country?
Q 4 What was the purpose of forming the League of Nations and the United Nations? Given the current war in Gaza do you think the UN is living up to its intended purpose? Why or why not?
Q5 How do governments try to forge their populations into nations?
Q6 Is New York State overrepresented or underrepresented in the electoral college? Explain your answer.
Q7 Make a list of several mountain chains or rivers around the world that serve as international borders. Which act as effective barriers? Which do not? Why?
Q8 What locational determinants for manufacturing did Alfred Weber identify? What new determinants are important today?
Q9 How has undocumented immigration changed at the Southern Border before and after the immigration act of 1924?

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