Pathophysiological Disorders of the Adult and Pediatric Hematological Patient

QUESTION— Discuss the difference between a leukocyte and a lymphocyte and disorders related to both.

A. includes substantial factually correct content which demonstrates evidence of comprehension, application, and/or appraisal.

B. includes evidence of self-reflective content which demonstrates views, beliefs, and/or feelings.

C. Connects topic/content to professional role and/or practice.

Provides 2 or more references with in-text citations to current literature and assigned readings to support assertions made on initial post   All postings are in correct APA format per the current edition of the Style Guide/Manual.

All have to be grammatically correct with proper spelling and structure.

Quoted material in scholarly writing should be used sparingly, appropriately, and only when absolutely necessary.

Citations and references must be written using the latest APA manual format., references should be peer-reviewed materials published within the past five years or hallmark articles relevant to the topic.

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