Parkinson’s Disease Case Study


You should review Chapters 1, 2 & 9 before completing the template. Details are required for each section. If you include enough detail for each section, the template portion of the final document will be at least five double-spaced pages in length, which meets the paper length requirements. Include APA citations within the Response column where appropriate. You must use a minimum of three scholarly resources within the assignment. List your references in APA format on the last row of this template. All citations and references must be in APA style according to the Writing Center guidelines. Once you complete the template, upload the document to the Week 2 Assignment section of the course.

Briefly define Parkinson’s disease.
·    What physical changes occur related to the onset of the disease?
·    What are the possible psychological changes with PD?
·    What system(s) are affected?
·    What is the prognosis?
What are the treatments and therapies?
The case study shared details that indicate Doug is no longer able to identify and resolve problems.
Identify two examples in the study that indicate Doug is losing this ability.
Provide two other examples that may arise as the disease progresses that are related to identifying and resolving problems.
Discuss possible feelings and stressors Doug may be experiencing as the disease progresses and he must rely on caregivers more.
• Refer to the required reading list for the topics related to this assignment for ideas.
Discuss the effects the diagnosis of PD and its progression can have on a spouse and family (micro-level).
• Refer to the chapter and required readings regarding caregiving and caregiver burden (e.g., employment, psychological effects, financial stressors, role in the marriage, etc).
Locate two services in your own community that offer assistance to people with PD and their caregivers (meso-level).
• Describe the services available, cost, and eligibility requirements.
• In your opinion, are Doug and Maria eligible for the services?
• Explain your answer based on your findings and knowledge of Doug and Maria.
At the macro-level, research the state and federal programs, legislation and initiatives that affect chronic illnesses.
• Discuss the pros and cons of two of the following items as they affect patients and caregivers.
o Legislation and lobbying efforts (e.g., changes to the Affordable Care Act, stem-cell research)
o Requirements for Social Security Disability Income [SSDI],
o Requirements to take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act [FMLA],
o Requirements to qualify for Medicaid/Medicare,
o Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA]
o Program, legislation, or initiative of your own finding.
List your References in APA format from the scholarly sources you used to support the information in the rows above. You must include at least three scholarly resources from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library. Make sure to include a citation within the rows where you use the reference material. 

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