Park Venue Movie

You will watch two movies throughout the semester and write a 2 page discussion paper (Times New Roman, 12pnt Font, double spaced) about each movie. Each discussion paper is worth 25 points.

The discussion paper will test your ability to recognize anthropological topics within the real world, critically think about the world we live in, and your ability to relate the occurrence in the movie to the anthropological topic discussed in the course. You can also find the rubric on BB.

Guidance to write the Video Discussion: 1. Summarize the key movie events and attempt to think of them via anthropological lenses. In other words I would also try to write more about anthropological terms religion, tradition, lifestyle, community patterns- you can use any one, or many, of these apply the concept from Anthropology that we have studied of socialization, family-life, language, patterns, religious devotion, and so on. Focus on the idea of diversity and the opportunity this movie provides to view so many type of human diversity in one sitting. 2. Include your opinion and demonstrate your critical thinking. Describe which events in the film really captured your interest, perhaps made you want to learn more about that community’s tradition. In short, just put your thoughts about the movie into words and try your best to relate to some anthropological ideas that you think fits to describe some events in the movie. 3. For formating follow standard academic format. Here is a step-step guidance:

Movie: “Park Avenue” (PBS, 2012)

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