Parenting and Emotions Among Children

Research Review Paper Task – choose a topic and create a first draft of a bibliography on that topic. Create a bibliography – a list of potential sources you might use for a research paper. Post the bibliography in a Discussion forum, for sharing


We have no new readings this week. Instead, we are switching focus to the Research Review Paper.

Possible Research Review topics – you are free to pick a topic on your own, make sure to check with the instructor on the topic before you begin. Or you can pick one of these:

• Parenting Styles and Emotional Intelligence in Children
• Emotional Intelligence and School Performance
• Impact of Screen Time on Emotional Intelligence
• Spiritual development and children
• Strategies to foster emotional regulation in children
• Effects of trauma on child development
• Montessori educational approach and philosophy
• Self development in childhood
• Strategies to foster emotional intelligence in children
• Strategies to foster conflict resolution skills in children

Your final paper should be a minimum of 1000 words, double space, 12 point Times New Roman font.

Include a Title Page, include a References page. The Title Page and the References page are not part of the 1000 word minimum.

1000 words roughly translates to a minimum of 5 pages, but use the word count to know for certain.

The paper should have at least 7 sources, and no more than 12. These sources must include at least 3 reports of empirical research. Other sources can be from books, articles, websites that discuss the topics or strategies, but are not empirical research reports. Our textbooks can be used as sources for this assignment.

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