ORID Method

Portfolio Reflection Essay
ORID Method
During this course, you have had the opportunity to express your opinions through your writings. It is important that as writers, we are reflective on that process. One way to complete that is to give students the opportunity to structurally reflect on what they have experienced. The ORID Method helps students in this process. They are given the opportunity to respond to specific questions on being Objective, Reflective, Interpretive, and Decisional.
Using the ORID Method (see attached questions on Bb), write a reflective paper on this semester and what you have taken from it. The essay needs to be no less than 3 pages in length. You may choose to organize your essay as you choose as long as each column in the ORID Method is covered equally. You may choose whichever questions you feel best represent your experiences this semester. Be sure you think about all the activities that you were asked to do including discussions and assignments.
Please adhere to MLA formatting, latest edition.
See CANVAS for your rubric.

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