Organizational Structures in Healthcare

Read the case The Rocky Road to Patient Satisfaction at Leonard-Griggs (PDF) (Links to an external site.).

Based on the information in the case, draw an organizational chart for Leonard-Griggs. Include the drawing either within the body of the paper or as an appendix.

Use one of the five organizational structures presented in Chapter 5 of Management of Healthcare Organizations or a variation of one:

Functional structure

Divisional structure

Matrix structure

Horizontal structure

Network structure

In your paper, write about the following and include the organizational chart (described above) as an appendix:

Explain the rationale for your chart.

Identify and explain the pros and cons of the organizational structure you selected.

Consider what you’ve learned about leadership styles, leadership theories, teamwork, organizational theories, and change theories. How would you apply these concepts to the problems this organization faces?

Elaborate on what elements of the organization you would change and explain why.

Would you restructure the organization? Why or why not?

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