Organizational Learning Problem Summary: Solution Framework

Defining appropriate and useful success metrics in organizational learning performance is a critical component of the solution proposal and design. Metrics should, on some level, drive the design of the solution framework, ensuring that appropriate data capture is incorporated into the solution for measuring both knowledge development and project success. That process of utilizing backward design to develop an appropriately aligned solution is crucial, and so is documenting it clearly so that a variety of stakeholders can (1) understand the problem as you do and (2) be able to execute their portions of the solution most effectively.

This assignment is an opportunity to experience effective communication with a collaborative team comprised of various stakeholders on the project as well as merge the knowledge and project performance measures to develop an effective plan for the organization.

In 600-700 words, create the Solution Framework section in the Organizational Learning Problem Summary. In this section describe the following:

  1. The success metrics for the project, including lead and lag measures, objectives, and key results. Use terms that are accepted by the organization and clarify what is measured and how it will be analyzed and interpreted.
  1. Draft your initial thoughts on key instructional content and strategies the solution should be built upon.
  2. Draft your initial thoughts on the considerations for assessment design approaches you may use.

Submit the Organizational Learning Problem Summary section, including revisions to previously completed sections of the Organizational Learning Problem Summary based on your evolving understanding of this project through ongoing reflection. Include additional material that addresses what you have learned from project stakeholders. This document could eventually be viewed by any stakeholder or potential collaborator on the project; thus, it is crucial that you develop a coherent narrative on the problem context and anticipated outcomes as this document could feed into execution plans.


  1. Please read the week two assignment first and reflect on the answer for this week’s assignment, which proposes that the HR department use a short diversity course for all the employees before answering the metrics and drafting initial thoughts on keys and content along with assessment consideration approaches.
  2. Please copy and paste the week two assignment  Organizational learning problem summary for this week and revise it to match the week three metrics, assessment, and key content.
  3. Please strictly follow the rubrics and the required word counts.

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