Organizational Behavior Memo

For this memo, you will apply organizational behavior concepts to two different organizations. The first organization should be one that you believe excels at OB and the second
organization is one that you believe falls outside the 1/8th. It will be easiest if you identify two
publicly traded organizations, however, your experiences may provide knowledge of either
exceptional or poor OB practices. Information from publicly traded companies is easier to verify.
Do not use random examples from blog posts or Reddit. It may be tempting to scroll through
Glass Door or other employer web sites, but know that disgruntled people are more likely to
complain and their complaints may not be an accurate reflection of the situation as it played out,
nor may their job performance be as stellar as they let on in their post.

Page 1: Begin with the memo header content block. Then introduce each organization by
describing its industry, number of employees, location(s) of operation, brief history, etc. Use one
paragraph per organization. (At most one page).

Page 2-3: Using specific examples from the first organization, explain how its OB practices
contribute to higher job performance and commitment. Using specific examples from the second
organization, explain how its OB practices fail to contribute to (or even worse, inhibit) job
performance and commitment. (at least two pages)

Page 4: Considering these two organizations specifically, and other organizations that you are
familiar with in general, offer your own argument for why OB matters in today’s business world.
(at least one page)
This memo should not exceed five pages before references and any appendices. At least three
references in APA format are expected. You may include graphs or tables placed in an appendix,
to help demonstrate your points.

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