Organisational Behaviour

Assessment Instructions
What do you need to do for this assessment?
Firstly, you are required to read the linked Case Study about SAS.
Secondly, you must write a report in which you critically analyse how SAS has managed its employees from the perspective of Organisational Behaviour. You must evaluate the management of the company through group factors (either Organisational Culture or Group Behaviour), and individual factors (either Personality or Learning). The aim of the report is to advise the business on how it can use the insights from Organisational Behaviour to improve its management of employees. You can choose group factors you deem to be suitable, as long as it is appropriate and makes sense.
Your report should be divided into the following 4 sections.
Section 1: Introduction to the organisational dilemma (200-300 words)
Section 2: Evaluating management through social factors (Organizational Culture OR Group Behaviour)(500 words)
Section 3: Evaluating management through individual factors (Personality OR Learning ) (500 words)
Section 4: Conclusion: synthesising social factors and individual factors to make recommendations to improve employee management (200 words).
Theory and/or task resources required for the assessment:
You must conduct secondary research for this assessment finding relevant sources independently, in addition to the information from the Case Study.
Your report should show that you are able to evaluate management from different perspectives (taking into account individual factors and social factors)
Referencing style:
You should refer to a minimum of 6 relevant academic sources for your report (for example five journal articles and the module textbook. You should use the academic research skills that you have learned in the course to find and use relevant academic sources.
You must include Harvard Style in-text citations, as well as a Harvard Style reference list at the end of your report. A full bibliography is NOT required.
Expected word count:
You are expected to write between 1200 and 1500 words, following the specific structure outlined above. Your assignment cover page and reference list are NOT included in the total word count.
Learning Outcomes Assessed:
• Apply the concepts and theories introduced in this module to problems and issues within the practical world of management, organisation and work.
• Recognise the validity of multiple approaches to managing work and organisations, the importance of context, and several alternative perspectives on managing and organising.
• Assess the role that politics and culture play in the running of the organization.
• Evaluate the theoretical and practical relevance of these concepts and ideas within a contemporary context.

Specific formatting instructions:
You must type your assessment in Arial font 11, with 1.5 line spacing.

Assessments submitted after the submission deadline without an approved EEC may incur penalties or may not be accepted.
Additional submission information – check you have done the following:
Formatting Consistent font, spacing, page numbers, formatting and subheadings
Citations Correct format and location throughout the report
Referencing Harvard referencing system used correctly in-text and in the reference list
Summarising Summarising the case study and related research
Paraphrasing Paraphrasing the contents of theory and research findings
Spell check Spell check the report
Proof-reading Proof-reading completed
Grammar Grammarly has been used to check the report

How will this assessment be marked?
The assessment will be marked using the following areas and weightings:
Research Quality (20%)
• Relevant high-quality sources used throughout.
• All claims presented and conclusions drawn were supported by evidence.
• At least 6 clearly relevant academic sources were critically used, (for example, 5 journal articles and the course textbook)
Content (20%)
• Demonstrates critical understanding of relevant concepts, including individual and social factors.
• All content was relevant to the topic and supported the student’s interpretation of the research material.
Evaluation & Analysis (30%)
• The student skillfully applied the theory to the case study.
• Analysis of the issues/factors is deep and balanced, showing an awareness of the perspective of the worker and of the company
• The student was able to draw on concepts from Organisational Behaviour to suggest reasonable but insightful improvements to the management of the company.
Clear conclusion which synthesizes social and individual factors.
Language and presentation (20%)
• Appropriately formatted
• Well organised content, with sections arranged in a sensible way, and paragraphs within each section following a clear structure.
• Well thought out overall presentation, with consistent use of fonts, line and paragraph spacing.
Appropriate academic language, with no errors impeding understanding
Academic Integrity (10%)
• Information from sources is appropriately paraphrased/summarised rather than relying on quotations
• Any direct and indirect quotations are clearly marked and acknowledged with correct citations
• References match the citations and are correctly formatted
Data/facts presented are genuine and accurate
You will receive a mark in each of these categories. The overall mark will be a percentage (0-100%).

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