Organisation Poster

General Notes:

  • Word counts given below are a guide – ensure to stay within the maximum word count i.e. 1500 words.
  • Direct citations of not more than 1 sentence are not included in your word count – use your research wisely.
  • Information in blue ink is only a guide to demonstrate one way of meeting the criteria of the assignment and remaining within the wordcount.

Learning Outcomes:

Module Demonstrate an ability to undertake a project involving plan, execute, analyse findings, and draw conclusions for an investigation with specified aims and objectives identified.

2. Enable students to manage their time effectively in conduction a project and, as a consequence, enhance their academic skills.

3. Enable students to communicate through written and visual presentation skills.

Poster evidence, used for the plan – 1500 Words equivalent.

It is essential to use the assignment guide in conjunction with the assignment brief.

Using the research, you have carried in assignment 1 prepare a Poster that informs stakeholders about the challenge of the future of tourism incorporating sustainability agenda for your chosen organisation.

1.       Overview

2.       Goals

3.       Vision

4.       Past operations

5.       Present operation

6.       Future operations

Things to do,

Give a brief overview of your chosen organisation. (200 words)

State at least 5 goals of your chosen organisation, include both short- and long-term goals (100 words).

State the vision of the organisation and briefly outline the organisational values that

support the vision (200 words).

Outline the past operations of the organisation that help to achieve the vision (300words).

What are the current operational issues that ensures organisation’s sustainable growth? Consider the impact of operations on the environment and the CSR activities of your chosen

organisation. Give relevant examples (300words).

State the plans of the organisation in terms of market development and product development (400words).

Appendix (optional)-includes all other materials not directly included in the poster, but these must be referenced in the poster. For example, see Appendix 1.

“DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA” Make sure you have in-text citations in the body of your poster which can be found in your full references list.

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