Organisation Operations Strategy Report

Description of assignment: 

Overall task: Using an organisation with which you are familiar, consider a key operations strategy challenge. Consider how this challenge can be understood and resolved using frameworks, concepts, and models from the course. In addition, comment on any broader implications (practice and/or theory) that emerge from your analysis.

Organisational selection: Select an organisation where you can collect and analyse sufficient data to derive meaningful insights. You may use primary data, secondary data, or a mix of both. You may use an organisation that you work for / have worked for, or one that is new to you. Sources may include, but are not limited to, organisations website, your knowledge of the organisation, government and consultancy reports, journal articles, interviews, surveys, observation.

Your report should be 2000 words (±10%) and should be typed with a font size 12, 1.5 spacing and must look professional. Your report needs to be well-structured, and divided into numbered sections that correspond logically to your chosen structure. You should include an overall introduction and conclusion.

The word limit includes the main text (including in-text references, tables and figures) but not the list of references at the end of your report. The main text starts with the first word in the ‘introduction’ section and ends at the last word in your ‘conclusion’ section. The word limit does not include the title, abstract (if you decide to include one), table of contents, reference list, or appendices (I would not expect a long list of appendices). Sticking to a strict word limit is difficult and an important skill for you to acquire, so make sure that you write in a concise and focused manner.

APA 7th ed. style referencing

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