Nutrition Knowledge Survey


Food is our primary source of energy and nutrients for growth and maintenance of the body. It is the fuel we need for work, play, and exercise; what we eat can impact our endurance during athletic events. However; many athletes, though they have a strong drive for exercise and competition, don’t see this connection and don’t know what foods they should be eating. Others, knowing that certain nutrients can impact outcomes, take supplements to improve their performance.


Dunford M, Doyle JA. Nutrition for Sport and Exercis e. 4th ed. Boston, MA: Cengage; 2019


You will interview 3 athletes, asking the following questions to survey their knowledge about nutrition and exercise/sport performance. For this assignment, an athlete can be anyone who participates in any type of sporting event, from an amateur running 10Ks to a soccer professional. Include all of the following questions in your interview:

  1. What sport do you play?
  2. At what level (high school, college, pro, etc.)?
  3. How often do play or practice?
  4. Do you eat a planned or special diet regularly or prior to your event? If so, why and what do you eat?
  5. Have you changed your diet since the beginning of your involvement in this sport? If so, why?
  6. Do you regularly include any vitamins, protein drinks or bars, herbs, or any other type of supplements in your diet? If so, why?
  7. Where did you get your knowledge about your diet?
  8. Do you feel this diet has altered your performance? If so, how?

First, complete the Discussion: Nutrition Knowledge Survey Template with your athletes’ responses to the above questions.  Once you have filled out the template, create a thread containing its information by pasting the table into the text box.  Answers do not have to be written in complete sentences, but they must contain complete information. This is important, as this information will be used by the whole class for Nutrition Knowledge Survey Summary Assignment.

Beneath the table, you must post a summary of that data and an interpretation of your findings. (Keep in mind a summary and an interpretation are different.) Please compose each under the provided headings in the template document.These two components should consist of a total of 400–500 words total. To help justify your interpretation, you must include at least two peer reviewed sources in the written portion of this assignment.

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