Nutrition and Digestion

Written Assignment 2

Respond to the following questions:

  • Describe three digestive disorders, including their causes as well as any nutritional interventions used in their treatment.
  • Probiotics are often suggested as a dietary supplement to reduce diarrhea symptoms when one is taking antibiotics for some types of infection. What effect would antibiotics have on digestion? Why might probiotics help?
  • Describe how the mouth is able to both mechanically and chemically break down food prior to it entering the stomach.

Be sure to cite the sources you use. You may use either APA or MLA format as long as you are consistent with the format you select. Use sources that have a scientific basis (text, articles/videos provided in the study materials, major organizations, etc.). Your response to each bulleted item should be approximately 250 to 300 words (1 page).

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