Nursing Theory/Model and Nursing View

  • Select the theory or model that most closely represents your view of nursing.
    • A brief overview of the theory or model;
    • Why you believe the theory or model most closely represents your view of nursing.
    • The relationship among the concepts of person, environment, health, and nursing as explained by the theory; and
    • How the theory may be applied to planning professional nursing care for individuals and groups of clients. Give two examples for each.
  • .  
  • Provide at least four (4) professional references. At least two of the references must be professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles.  The other references can be from textbooks and/or reliable websites. 
  • Usually for all assignments, references used must be no greater than five (5) years old. However, references found on nursing theories or models are considered “classic sources” and may be used despite their age.
  • APA (7th) format must be followed for all citations and references. Attention to grammar and spelling.
  • Textbook is
  • Professional Nursing Concepts
  • ISBN 9781284127270

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