Natural Language Processing and Data Analytics

Module 3 and 4’s assignments will be identical, which is on purpose! 

Each week, your questions should be relevant to the Module topic (e.g. For Module 3, focus on how Natural Language Processing and data analytics can be applied to healthcare).

By Module 4, you will have generated 20 questions & explanations for your AI suitability framework that can be grouped into four meaningful categories (e.g. Modules 1-4). 

These assignments are additive, meaning that your final activity submission should consolidate your AI suitability framework you’ve built throughout the program. 

Module’s 5 and 6 will focus on reflection and refinement of your AI suitability framework, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll know!

Each module’s assignment will ask you to reflect on the lessons that can be drawn from that module’s cases and encourage you to develop an AI implementation checklist that works in your context. The assignments follow a similar structure each week as you are asked to reflect on that particular module’s content, and to see whether new questions can be added to your AI implementation checklist, or whether existing questions need to be revised. You do not need to think of a new use case for each assignment, rather you should use the same use case throughout, and change or develop your implementation questions for each assignment.

Question 1

Think of an example of where AI may be a suitable option in health care. Complete the activity by answering both Question 1.1 and Question 1.2 in the space that follows. Note that your answers will be assessed according to the rubric at the end of this document.

(Max. 800 words)

Question 1.1

Based on the content you covered in this module, on natural language processing and data analytics in health care, provide two to five questions that should be considered when gauging whether AI is suitable for a health care problem or use case. The questions should address the various considerations that dictate whether AI is a suitable solution to the identified problem.

Question 1.2

Explain why each question provided in Question 1.1 is relevant and useful, with reference to the health care scenario you have in mind. Refer to the content covered in the module to explain why the questions are useful, ensuring that there is a clear link between the content and your explanations. Where appropriate, discuss some of the more technical aspects of AI.

Question 2

In Unit 2 of this module, you covered two methods for applying natural language processing tools. There are several considerations and questions which dictate which of the two methods are appropriate.

Describe a process or task that is relevant to your context, or a context of your choice. Explain which method of applying an NLP tool would be best suited to this context. Support your rationale by using the considerations and details outlined in the module material. Where possible, describe the technical details that inform your argument.

 (Max. 400 words)

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