MP3s and the Internet

Final Project:

Topic: How has MP3’s and the internet shaped music and what musicians do?

Taking everything we’ve read and discussed in class into consideration, write a paper that examines how a particular technology has shaped music and what musicians do. Late projects will not be accepted and will receive a zero.

Your paper must:

  • Use a minimum of 10 sources (books, scholarly articles from JSTOR, websites, etc.) and at least 3 representative audio or video examples (Links to Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc) cited in either APA or Chicago Manual of Style format. This means 13 sources total, including your audio examples. I don’t have a preference between APA or CMS formats, use the one you are more comfortable with, just be consistent. o Manufacturer websites may be used as well – particularly for examples o Citations from Wikipedia will not be accepted
  • Discuss the history of your chosen piece of technology – who created it? when? who were the first musicians to use it and any other important users?
  • Discuss how your chosen piece of technology works. 
  • Discuss how your chosen piece of technology is used by musicians and how it has changed the musicians’ creative process (you’ll need to cite specific examples using links).
  • Discuss how your chosen piece of technology has changed how people interact with music, how we think/feel when we hear music that uses this technology, and most importantly, how this technology has influenced our society and culture. Be sure to cite Katz’s traits here!
  • Be an appropriate length. The paper should be with an average of 750 words long, not counting title, section headers, and bibliography.  o o If in doubt – ask me! I’m here to help!

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