Module 4: Journal Assignment

This journal entry does not have to be written in paragraph form.  Just use these questions as a template and plug in your answers as a bullet point list of fragmented sentences, much like taking notes or writing a simple outline. You should present 3-5 bullet points for each question. However, if you feel more comfortable writing each answer in paragraph form, you certainly may do so.

***Note the exception that the thesis should be one to three full sentences long, regardless of whether you choose to do the bullet point format or paragraph format.

CITATIONS: You are responsible for citing the major assertions and information you are taking from the readings.  You may use the MLA citation style or the Chicago Style for your citations.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What were the main secondary causes of the Civil War?
  2. How did the South start out with the upperhand?
  3. What were the main objectives and strategies of both sides?
  4. What were some of the mistakes made by the North?
  5. When and how did the North turn the war around?
  6. What were the major, immediate consequences of the war for the United States and for the South?
  7. What is the thesis or major argument of the McPherson book? 
  8. What were some of the more surprising elements of this era to you? What did you learn from this section of the course?
  9. What would YOUR thesis be for this era? Write a thesis statement of one to three sentences that presents your argument for the era.

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