Modern African History and Culture

Choose and Write 1 full-length essay on any of these questions. Full-length essay is NOT outline; it’s a detailed discussion (consisting of several paragraphs), showing evidence of adequate knowledge of the content materials. Grade will be based on evidence of your knowledge of factual information as well as the quality of your analyses.

2. a. How did the Atlantic Slave Trade start, and why did it expand?

Robert Harms identified in his book, Africa in Global History, five major trading regions along Africa’s Atlantic coast during the slave trade era: Senegambia, Sierra Leone Coast, Gold Coast, Kongo, and Angola. How do you explain the different styles of European operations and practices, as well as the differing effects of the trans-Atlantic slave trade on different parts of the west and west-central African coast?

b. Discuss this statement: “Enslaved Africans brought nothing else with them to the Americas, except their labor.” Do you agree or disagree. Be as elaborate as possible in your analysis, providing concrete examples to support your position.

(Answer both A and B for question number 2)


IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Please, Read Carefully!

1.Engage the materials and produce quality essay. Writing any of those questions will require you to show strong evidence that you READ the appropriate chapters/articles and/or recommended materials very well. Watching the relevant lecture videos will be very useful as well.

2. I am looking for QUALITY essays, not copy-and-paste. Avoid copy-and-paste like a plague … it will earn you an F grade. Do not re-type the textbook for me.

3. Your essay should be minimum of 1200 words in length (there is no maximum), double-spaced, 12- points font. Be sure your essay is substantial enough to address the questions you chose effectively.

 4. Do NOT plagiarize … you know, passing someone else’s work as yours. It’s cheating, and results in a failing grade. If you go to the internet and lift stuff, or if you try to re-write somebody else’s paper by “spinning” the consonants, that is still considered plagiarism. I will find out. And I will graciously award you an F.

 5. Cite all your sources appropriately

 6. Write in correct English grammar; check your spellings.

 7. Once again, grades are based on the quality of your essay, reflecting evidence that you read the book well and that you were present in the class discussions.

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