Measuring data in the CDC Zombie campaign

Learning outcomes:

LO3: Analyze the value added in specific cases through the strategic use of data-driven insights.

LO4: Recommend a data-driven approach that can advance strategic communication goals.

In the casebook, you learned how important it is for organizations that are using data to measure that data with meaningful metrics. The Upworthy case demonstrated that even if your goals are difficult to measure, it is more valuable to spend time developing metrics suited to your goals than to simply use ones that are easy to measure and thus potentially irrelevant.

In this journal, you have the opportunity to apply your strategic mindset and your understanding of data to the CDC Zombie campaign. The skills you practice in this journal will also be relevant to the ongoing project at the end of this module. To engage with this activity, refer to the following description of the CDC Zombie campaign when answering the questions that follow.

The CDC’s goal, strategy and tactics

The goal of the CDC’s Zombie campaign was to convince its audience to construct and store disaster preparation kits that could be used in the event of a natural disaster.

Its primary strategy was to involve the theme of zombies in the campaign itself, and thereby leverage the popularity and persuasiveness of zombies among its audience in pursuit of its own goals. The CDC used numerous tactics, including launching a blog, using social media platforms like Twitter and partnering with zombie-themed media, such as The Walking Dead, to create content.

Question 1

What metrics do you think the CDC could have used to meaningfully track the progress of its goals? How could it have collected data for these metrics? Why would it have been valuable for it to use the metrics you suggested? (Max. 300 words)

Question 2

In what ways could the CDC have used experimentation during a stage (such as planning, development or implementation) of its campaign? Why would it have been valuable for the CDC to do this? (Max. 250 words)

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