Marketing Strategy Revisions

Imagine that you are the Director of Marketing at Avada Furniture. Avada Furniture sells home furniture directly on their website. On the website, customers can browse the company’s furniture inventory by viewing product pages (pages that feature an individual product) and category pages (pages that feature a number of products grouped by type). In addition to their home page, Avada Furniture has a promotions page that features special temporary sales prices.

Avada Furniture uses three primary strategies to attract traffic to their site:

Search Engine Optimization strategies
Advertisements on platforms such as Google, TikTok, and Snapchat
An affiliate program that pays influencers to send traffic to their site. If that traffic makes a purchase, the influencer receives a percentage of the overall purchase.

The VP of Marketing has extra budget to invest in marketing with the goal of increasing total conversions, improving marketing efficiency, and decreasing the total cost per lead.

Review the traffic and performance data for Aveda Furniture’s website.

Prepare a 700-to-1050-word proposal that outlines your recommendations of where the extra budget should be invested based on the data analytics. Your proposal should include the following information:

Identify 3 traffic sources that are the most productive.
Identify 3 traffic sources that require additional investment.
Provide an argument on which marketing tactics you would double your efforts on.
Determine the pages on the site that should be promoted the most.

Recommend the top 3 site pages that should be improved to increase customer experience.

Support each decision with a rationale using the provided data.

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