Literary Images of Women

Paper Topics

Choose one of the following topics and write a three-four page response to it (the list of sources should be on a fourth/fifth page).

  1. To what extent do literary images of women reflect reality in the Roman world?
  2. Compare the experience of slavery for Habrocomes and Anthia with that of Aesop.
  3. How does the idealized image of social relations as described in legal texts differ from that which emerges from documents reflecting the lived experience?


  1. Papers should be double-spaced in 12-point Times Roman font with one-inch margins.
  2. In-text citations should be in the following format:
        As Potter says, the Olympic games were a political forum (Potter, The Victor’s Crown p. 114)
        As Potter argued, Pausanias’ account of the Olympic games is largely built out of early mythological texts. (Potter, Lecture May 21, 2019)

Citing Ancient Texts

  1. The Life of Aesop offers great insight into power relationships in the ancient world when Aesop tries to get his master to be specific in providing instructions (The Life of Aesop 38-50) (you are referring to specific sections for this information).
  2. Xenophon of Ephesus and the author of The Ass are dealing with ancient concepts of identity describes conflicts in the understanding of sport (no reference needed as this is a generalizing statement about a substantial body of text)
  3. Ulpian says that it is correct to free slaves from cruel masters (Texts Relating to Slavery in the Roman World Gladiators 1—reference needed because you are citing a specific phrase)
  4. Plutarch says that newly married people should guard against disagreements (Plutarch, Advice on Marriage, 3)( also use the section numbers; in citing passages from Hansen, Greek Popular Literature cite page numbers)

Works Cited Page

Potter, David. (2012) The Victor’s Crown. New York: Oxford University Press.
-For PDFs posted in the file section, see the file title for citation information.

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