Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis Essay: Write an essay of 3-4 pages, at least 3 full pages and no more than 4, typed and double-spaced  in 12 pt font on one of the following stories: “The Grave,” “Punishment,” “The Lady with the Dog,” “Child’s Play,” “Metamorphosis,” Joyeux Noel, “The Fly,” or “The Gardener.”

Two Options:

Option 1:  Select one of the stories (or two stories, if you see something to compare and/or contrast within the two) we have read and discussed in class the first four weeks of the semester.  To think about and plan your essay, use the process: text, context, interpretation, evaluation/application. Then, develop a thesis statement concerning your interpretation of the story you have chosen to write about.  Include the title of the story and at least 3 points in your thesis statement that you will explain in your essay.  Use quotes and examples from the story to illustrate your points. Put quotation marks around quotes.

Option 2: Think about a story we have read in which you changed your mind about some issue. Plan and write a reader response essay. You can use first person. Compose a thesis statement that identifies the issue you changed your mind about, the title of the story and at least 3 points that explain why you came to see the issue in a different way. Use quotes and examples from the story to illustrate the points you develop in your essay. Use quotation marks.


Put an MLA heading on the left-hand side of your paper in a column (your name, my name, the course number and section, and the date). 

Give your paper a title that hints at your thesis.

In the first one or two paragraphs, introduce your essay in an attention-getting way.

The body of your paper may include as many paragraphs as you need to explain and argue your points. You are not limited to 3 body paragraphs.

In your final paragraph or so, conclude your essay in a way that will give closure to your paper but also give the reader something memorable to remember your essay or to continue to think about the interpretation you argued.

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