Literacy Quiz


  1. What is the simple view of reading? (1 pt)
  • Besides the simple view of reading, name another theory of reading discussed in the PowerPoint that you think would be helpful to assessment and instruction.  Why would this be helpful? (1 pt)
  • Use the following information to tell me if this student is a student with dyslexia, compensator, hyperplexia and/or mixed reading abilities. (1 pt)

Jason 3rd grader (No identified label -Still being tested)

Verbal IQ  90

Other language information from teacher- He often has trouble following oral directions,  He has trouble paying attention at times.  He lacks significant background information. When given a text or a picture he doesn’t know what he is supposed to focus on.   He will tell you about all the tiny details instead of the main idea.  

Decoding skills are at a first grade level.  He has specific trouble with rapid naming and phonology tasks such as phonological segmenting, blending and manipulating of sounds (say slat without the /l/)

Oral language 

  • Name at least 3 areas of oral language.  Describe each and discuss how they are relevant to disabilities and the simple view of reading. (2pts)
  • Oral and written language are intimately connected.  Using a variety of resources from this unit, summarize the role of oral and written language in learning to read and write?  What are activities that you can use to help develop oral and language and vocabulary? Please synthesize information from various sources in the unit (including chapter #1 of O’Connor.) Please explicitly state from where you are drawing your information.   (2 points)

Structured Literacy

  • What is Structured Literacy and how does it differ from typical literacy practices? Describe several points. (2 points)
  • How does the core content discussed in the infographic in the unit lecture (phonology, sound -symbol, syllables, morphology, semantics, and syntax) map on to the  5 components we discussed last week (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocab, comprehension)?  (2 points)
  • Besides the reading and the PowerPoint describe 2 more Structured Literacy resources within this unit and how they helped you learn more about Structured Literacy? (1 point)
  • Explain Explicit Instruction?  Explain Multisensory Instruction?  (1 point)
  1. Please watch one of the video and rate the teacher: 1- Great  2- Some evidence or 3- No evidenceon whether you saw evidence of explicit and multisensory instruction.   Please  describe the evidence (or lack thereof) from the video that supports your answer.  Discuss evidence of each term separately. Please make sure you tell me which video you watched and provide specific examples.  Your defense of the answer is the most important part of this answer.  (2 pts)

Video 1 High School class (You don’t have to watch all 12 minutes.  Just watch 6 minutes)  (closed captioning available) ( )

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