Literacy Ethnography

Assignment 1

Literacy Ethnography: Connect with a friend or family member: interview someone you know well (ideally an older relative!) about their experiences with literacy, language ideology, and/or misinformation. 

  1. Write a 600-word essay that discusses how your interviewee’s answers relate to the main ideas or arguments in at least one scholarly article about standard language ideology, literacy sponsors, or misinformation. The connections you make should be specific and discussed in depth (go beyond, “this person experienced a literacy sponsor,” which is too basic). Your essay should include:
  2. brief biographical information about your interviewee
  3. a summary of the article
  4. a discussion of how your interviewee’s answers extend, complicate, agree with, or disagree with some specific ideas or concepts presented in the scholarly article you’ve chosen
  5. After the essay, include a list of the interview questions you asked (this does not count towards the total word count of the essay).

Submit: Your 600 Word Essay & Your Interview Questions in One Document

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