Learning Experience in Research

Journals are free form. For each week enter your personal impressions about everything that went on during the week. Include the bad as well as the good. Chronicle your learning experience, how well the team worked together, any issues that you may have encountered with respect to your research, your understanding of materials, your cooperation with team members, and anything else that you feel should be included. The instructor will review the journals at the end of every unit and use these entries as an additional measure of the progress teams make and how well they work together. Please be completely open and candid as the content of these
journal entries are completely confidential. They are only seen by the instructor and are not shared with team members or anybody else.

46-50 Points:
Reflect on the team effort including the efforts of all individuals and the author of the journal entry as well as any issues the team may have encountered.

46-50 Points:
Reflect deeply on the learning during the unit and how it applies to the project as well as your own personal growth.

weekly events:
• Our group worked on and completed the third milestone (the solution portion: fostering an innovation mindset) of the project..
• We assumed the roles we were assigned:
• Chief Strategic Officer (CSO): Responsible for creating a company’s mission, vision, communicating the plan, executing the business initiatives, target markets and sustaining implementation efforts.
• Chief Engagement Officer (CEO): Responsible for planning, organizing and managing marketing campaigns, promotional events and projects from conception through to completion, in line with agreed requirements and corporate brand guidelines.
• Chief Solutions Officer (CSO): Responsible for the identification and design of new products, services and technologies, the development of capabilities and the inception of projects.
• We began brainstorming the final project.
• We had our weekly meeting via zoom and have continuous dialogue through WhatsApp.
• No issues as a group.
• We are struggling to find more in-depth information for the solution portion.
• We work very well together.
• Everyone has been carrying their own weight thus far.

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