Leading Global Health Strategic Planning and Policy Development

Assignment Summary

Global population health is everyone’s concern, and nursing leadership has a role in increasing knowledge and supporting the use of available resources to the fullest. Members of the nursing profession have a responsibility to advocate for others in need of care. This can be accomplished in many ways.

Membership in professional organizations such as the Association of Nurse Practitioners (ANP), the American Nurses Association (ANA), or the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) provides an opportunity for networking, as well as advocacy. In these interactions, you can share knowledge and learn about other populations and how to influence policy with a focus on disease management and health prevention and promotion. Opportunities to develop strategies for improvement within a strong political group will provide strength for change.

Learning about the needs of countries that have been devastated by natural disasters and further compromised by disease prompts one to take action. In many cases, preexisting barriers must be addressed before resources can even be effective. Focusing on your previously identified country, plan strategies that you feel would address the key issues by priority. Perhaps use the resources available or plan for future changes to alleviate and modify these issues.

In this Leading Global Health Strategic Planning and Policy Development assignment, you have a choice between Exercise A or B. Please read each one carefully before making your choice.

Exercise A. You are requested to attend a meeting of one of the professional organizations within your community. Each organization usually has chapters that should be active within designated regions. At this meeting, present your developed strategies and allow time to answer questions and provide additional information as feedback by the group. If action items are being considered, a committee may be formed and further work groups developed. A summary of this meeting needs to be written up and future plans discussed.

Exercise B. Contact the office of your state senator or Congressional representative and schedule an appointment. These politicians have local offices within your voting district where you should be able to visit with them. At your meeting, the agenda should include your concerns about global population and progress that is being made through policy decisions. To prepare yourself for this meeting, review what Congress has been working on to improve the health of global populations. As a nurse leader, be prepared to discuss how to influence change through the strategies you have prepared. A summary of this meeting needs to be written up and future plans discussed. Remember, as nurses, we are involved in lobby days, during which groups of nurses go to the capitol and demonstrate advocacy as change agents. Nurses can affect the future.

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