Leadership Group Presentation and Project


The goal of this Leadership project is to provide students with an opportunity to integrate and apply knowledge gained in formative leadership theory coursework and clinical experience; utilizing critical thinking skills to problem solve common clinical problems in a new and unique way, and to engage in a creative, inquiry-based learning, demonstrating leadership in innovative problem solving. Each student’s contribution is significant and unique.

Students must set aside time weekly to work on a unit quality improvement project, a “Leadership Project,” individually or with a partner. Students will observe and do a need assessment to come up with a proposal that must be approved by the Instructor and or Clinical Instructor.

The Instructor/Clinical instructor will respond to questions in class and clinical. Students may present the Leadership project in class (Week 9). 

I. Quality Improvement Project Topic Selection

Students are to observe, assess, and identify a clinical problem or area of interest on their assigned unit, research the topic, and then develop an intervention—an assessment or teaching tool, policy, or procedure statement—to plan a feasible intervention and implementation plan that can be accomplished in the time frame of this course. Students must discuss project ideas with the clinical instructor and clinical manager or leaders for approval. Students must then formally submit a written “Needs Assessment” via blackboard to their Instructor/Clinical Instructors within the first three weeks of their clinical for project APPROVAL before going further.  Preparation and most activities need to be completed outside of clinical time, such as literature searches and preparation of materials, as they apply to the project.

Students are to submit a PowerPoint presentation and create a poster of their project.

Poster Instructions: Use a standard science poster trifold or other to prepare a visual display. An effective poster is a “visual communications tool.” You may attach graphs, photos, or other pertinent material as “Addendums.”

For poster guidance see: https://www.ncsu.edu/project/posters/ 

For more info about Nursing Student Capstone projects see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HG-IjhlQ38 

Leadership Project Poster Presentation 
All students will display a poster or other visual media of their Leadership project. Representative projects from each clinical group will give a brief oral presentation. 

CREDIT YOURSELF: When creating an assessment tool, flyer, checklist, brochure, or poster, you may credit yourself in or out of a text box in smaller print at the bottom or, if you wish, cite a reference that was helpful.

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