Leadership and Management in Organizations

This milestone will allow you to work on the Recommendations portion of your final project.

In this milestone, you will begin crafting your recommendations. Your recommendations should be targeted toward the leadership and management of any public sector or nonprofit organization; you do not need to focus specifically on making recommendations for the three organizations you selected. Rather, they will be your basis for making recommendations for public and nonprofit organizations in general. Recommendations are an essential part of the strategic planning process, because they function as a communication tool, as a proposal for the utilization of scarce resources, and certainly as an action plan to accomplish the mission/vision of the organization.

Consider the following elements as you complete this milestone:
• Program Success: Identify program outcomes and best practices, and, based on the measures used to evaluate them, explain which best practices decision makers could implement to enhance the likelihood of program success.
• Participation: Recommend a participation best practice.
• Program Reengineering: Recommend a best practice model for program reengineering based on your cost-benefit analysis.
• Overcoming Constraints: How effective were the strategic management processes used to overcome the constraints they faced?
• Organizational Success: Explain how governmental and nonprofit agencies can improve organizational success by best utilizing the principles of benchmarking, best practices, and comparative governmental performance.
• Customer Service: Recommend a strategy to mitigate the impact of the challenge of providing effective and efficient customer service. Justify your recommendation.
• Boundary Limitations: Recommend a strategy or tactic that an organization can implement to mitigate the impact of the challenge of territorial boundary limitations. Justify your recommendation.

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